Where did this all start..

In my browsing around the web I came to the conclusion that the last thing the world needed was another food blog…. So have decided the only way to respond is to create another food blog!

This is not going to be a sight full of pictures of fawned over restaurant meals. Deep clinical analysis of the ingredients and techniques. This is a rough and ready home cook version of what I have been inspired by.

I have always been interested in food, even from the days as a tiny baby.

The story goes that as small child I will be sitting in my high chair being fed and as whoever was feeding me scraped the last spoon full from the bowl I would burst into tears on the expectation there was no more to be had.

What does that say about me as an individual….it says I am someone who is passionate about the laws of supply and demand. Someone who when wronged will take action to remediate the situation. Someone who believes that poor planning should be given ultimate retribution.

Sadly it seems over the years none of that holds true and the main reason I behaved that way was that I was a glutton for good food from an early age and still am now.

Why Cook the Bookshelf??

In addition to my love of eating great food I have always loved to cook and share food with others. Some of it is an interest in the techniques and methodology of preparing food. The other part is the love of the spectacle of serving great food to friends.

Over the last 20+ years have created a modest food book collection. All of them quite well read but many of them not so much cooked from. No real reason other than just forgetting they are there to begin with.

Now there are quite a few people out there who have picked a favourite book and gone about the process of cooking all the recipes from that book. This is a pretty cool idea and a great way to really celebrate a chef/cuisine you really respect.

But I wanted to do a bit more than that. Not stay with just one theme as that is something I find hard to do at the best of times. So the idea came to, how about each week I cook a recipe from one of the books on the shelf. To remove any bias for selection have asked my wife to be the picker. So here goes…..