Whats on the shelf


So here goes, in of course no apparent order. First observations, apart from a few its all very “meaty” apart from the nominal vegan text. Yes am a big fan of Pork, does that show??

The Cook Books

The New Charcuterie CookbookJamie Bissonnette
FrenchDamien Pignolet
Simple Thai FoodLeela Punyaratabandhu
Thai Street FoodDavid Thompson
The complete homebrew beer bookGeorge Hummel
TapasLouise Pickford
Great TapasSilvana Franco
The spanishwomans kitchenPepita Aris
Artisan BakingMaggie Glezer
Marie Claire FlavoursDonna Hay
Marie Claire CookingDonna Hay
Marie Claire food + drinkMichele Cranston
Marie Clarie food fastDonna Hay
Serious BBQAdam Perry Lang
How to brewJohn Palmer
VedgeRich Landau & Kate Jacoby
Wicked Good BBQAndy Husbands and Chris Hart
SmokinMyron Mixon
Bon Appetit, YallVirginia Willis
Whole Beast ButcheryRyan Farr
An Obsession with HamBruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough
Great Sausage Recipes and Meat CuringRytek Kutas
Meat smoking and smokehouse designStanley, Adam& Robert Marianski
SalumiMichael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn
CharcuterieMichael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn
Spice NotesIan Hemphill
The Spice of LifeSheldon Greenberg & Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz
Spice TravelsIan Hemphill
The Cooks CompanionStephanie Alexander
The Essential New York Times CookbokAmanda Hesser
Larousse Gastronomique
Larousse Pratique
SarabanGreg & Lucy Malouf
MoorishGreg & Lucy Malouf
ArabesqueGreg & Lucy Malouf
Charcuterie and French Pork CookeryJane Grigson
The Essential Cuisines of MexicoDiana Kennedy
The plank grilling cookbook
American game cookingJohn Ash & Sid Goldstein
Cuisines of Hidden MexicoBruce Haaig & Dudley Nieto
Gastronomy of ItalyAnna Del Conti
Maggies farmMaggie Beer
Cooking & Travelling in South-West FranceStephanie Alexander
Mediterranean FoodElizabeth David
French Country CookingElizabeth David
Summer CookingElizabeth David
A gondola on the murrayStefano De Pieri
The Silver Spoon
A shared tableStephanie Alexander
TerrineStephane Reynaud
Pork & SonsStephane Reynaud
BurmaNaomi Duguid
The best of country cookingMary Norwak
Thai FoodDavid Thompson
Travels with thai FoodHelen Brierty & Annette Fear
Secrets of the Red LanternPauline Nguyen
Heart and soulKylie Kwong
Seven FiresFrancis Mallmann
Asian FoodCharmaine Solomon
Italian FoodElizabeth David
Sydney FoodBill Grainger
Classic thai cuisineDavid Thompson
Low & SlowGary Wiviott
More seasonal cookingClaire Macdonald
Famous street food of Penang


The books that talk about food or drink….

The man who ate everythingJeffrey SteingartenThis book for me was significant. Read the Intro, its GOLD!!
Edible Stories Mark Kurlansky
SaltMark Kurlansky
Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the WorldMark KurlanskySeriously can you find a more romantic title than this. This book was trans formative for me in understanding the love that is Salt Cod!!
The pudding that took a thousand cooksMichael Symons
History of FoodMaguelonne Toussaint-Samat
Plenty – Digressions on FoodGay Bilson
On Food and CookingHarold McGee
The Deluxe Food Lovers CompanionSharon Tyler Herbst, Ron Herbst
BittersBrad Thomas Parsons
BoozehoundJason Wilson