Muu Parlow from Thai Food by David Thompson

Time to change continents with a move from West to East and a nice simple Thai dish…. a dish of many names. Muu Parlow is the name in David Thompson’s book Thai Food. In a later book called Thai Street Food also from David Thompson he has a slightly less complex recipe but now calls it Khaa Muu Parlow. From the time I lived in Bangkok I also knew it as Khao Khaa Muu. For anyone who has spent some time in Thailand this should not be surprising, many things have slightly different variations in names. You will even get variations in the spelling of the anglicised versions of the same Thai word, so Muu is Thai for Pork but is also spelt Mu or Moo by others, and that’s an easy example they can get a lot more complex.

So the simple translation of the dish is Pork Hock with Rice which is pretty much what Khao Khaa Muu translates as, well its actually Rice (Khao) Leg (Khaa) Pork (Muu). Now that’s not a very descriptive title and doesn’t lend itself any details of what the pork is cooked in, what its served with, etc, etc. But in many ways that’s the way classic recipes throughout the world are, they don’t have to have the paragraph long descriptions of all the ingredients and how they are treated. It also allows people over time to have a wide license to modify and change the dish to suit whats around and the tastes of the customers. if we look back to the first recipe I cooked and Coulibiac is pretty much means a simple Fish Pie when what is inside it couldn’t be further than simple.

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