Stuffed Cabbage from Cooking & Travelling in South-West France by Stephanie Alexander

So here we go, week 2 and another simple dish. Stuffed Cabbage, how hard could that be. This is another of those dishes that sound simple, not very exciting and probably a bit old fashioned. I do remember trying this some years ago and wasn’t a great success so here goes a second try.

Its a pretty simple concept and one that I think pretty much every culture has a version of, find some leftovers, stuff into vegetable and cook. One of those great necessity dishes that over time got elevated to a higher status.

The general concept of the recipe is make a stuffing, blanch and separate cabbage, stuff and then braise for extended period. Am pretty sure the last time I tried this I used Savoy Cabbage and did not work out. Think that you need a tighter cabbage to hold it all together. So standard every day cabbage that once had trimmed the damaged and overly loose leaves off was a bit over 2kg.Also trimmed the base so it sat nicely on the bench.

Starting Cabbage

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