Lomo de cerdo con castanas from The Spanishwoman’s Kitchen by Pepita Aris

So this is definitely one of those cook books that I have read a lot from but pretty much never cooked any recipe from and looking through this recipe I probably have a good idea why that is the case.

Its an older style cook book and that’s not just from the fairly sexist title, what Spanish Men don’t cook or have kitchen’s!!! It was published in 1999 and while its a much more visually appealing cook book (i.e. it looks good on the shelf and would sell well) than some of the traditional all text ones of the 60’s and 70’s it has one striking feature. None of the pictures in it are of any of the recipes listed. Its all locations and scenery around Spain. So while its a great travelogue and sets the scene for the evocative food it describes it doesn’t really give you any visual clues. Am pretty sure I purchased it after Carrie and I traveled through Spain in 2000 and came home looking for ideas to recapture the experience.

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Prepping for next few cooks

So have been away the last few weeks so no updates but a bunch of recipes starting to stack up. Worked on getting Facebook and the Blog linked so hopefully all works, this post is a bit of a test.

Went out shopping today to get some of the foundations and items to get kicked off again. Who can guess from these photos whats coming up???? Or even better what cuts of meat are these????